About Us

What is MIA? Well.. Whats missing in your business?

Co - Founders, Leo Orange and Skyler Tanksley have helped connect the missing dots in companies for +12 years combined.

Both founders owned small marketing firms; Sky’s firm was web and graphic based while Leo’s being more media heavy with photo and cinematography. They would trade each other’s services to ensure their clients received high - quality consistent results day in and day out.

After years of collaboration, Leo and Sky married their companies to establish Create with MIA ™. This business was built on like minded passionate creatives addicted to professionally servicing clients.

After hundreds of business audits, we found majority of companies had brand assets “Missing In Action”. Assets such as: Influencer Marketing, Professional Photography, Professional Cinematography, Website Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Management. The list can go on.

To make it simple, the MIA collective has over +60 years of combined experience in all assets listed above and can certainly help your next project. the true definition of a “one - stop - shop”. We worry about all the stuff you don’t want to, so you can focus on the things you do. What can MIA create for you today?


MIA finds and restores brand assets that have been "Missing In Action" while we get your business seen in a world full of distractions.

When your brand needs to be heard, we cut through all the noise.




Are you ready for adventure?